The Enhanced One Button Studio

An update to the One Button Studio and how the new and improved Enhanced Media Studio can help UBC instructors create more engaging digital content.
The One Button Studio Re-imagined:
Introducing the DIY Enhanced Media Studio

Updated: February 10th, 2021   Written By: UBC Studios Operations



“Our Studios is currently open and running with new measures. UBC course content recording for this term and the next are welcome!”


The One Button Studio was first introduced in 2016, and a popular DIY studio due to the simplicity of the concept and ease of use. The premise was simple: insert your USB stick, wait for everything to automatically turn on and then press the button to record – easy! It was a great way for the UBC community to create simple videos – instructors recording short videos to supplement their in-person lectures, staff creating a training video or students practicing their 3 minute thesis in front of a camera.

In 2020, we saw the transition of the need for content to digital and available online, and thus saw a demand that we’ve never seen before for digital educational content. Due to this increased demand and need for greater flexibility, we’ve introduced the beta of our new Enhanced Media Studio, an updated system running alongside the current one button Studio.

The Enhanced Media Studio uses existing open-source software (OBS) and an Elgato digital stream switcher to give instructors more flexibility in switching between scenes, while the recording is happening with a press of a button.

The first button is to start and stop the recording. (you will see a little red dot appear when recording starts.)

The Pre-set scenes are:

Main Camera – no Slides (A wide shot of the presentation area)
Main Camera – with Slides (The same wide shot with a digital overlay of a laptop feed)
Slide Only – A full screen view of the slide
Head Close Up – A digital zoom of a closer framed shot of the subject
The last button is for

USB Eject – safely ejects the USB stick from the computer

The automatic transfer of data onto an USB stick is still present thanks to some simple open-sourced solutions and ease of use is the same as before.

Advanced options include:

Chroma Key Slides for a floating text effect
Sending the feed via. OBS virtual camera to be a Zoom feed for live classes

(this option requires at least one test session done prior to go live)

Try it out today! The One Button Studio is currently available for UBC faculty and instructors to use for content creation for the upcoming terms.

(Booking 1-2 weeks ahead of time is highly recommended)