What is the Emerging Media Lab?


EML is an experimental space where faculty, students, and staff from all disciplines collaborate with industry and community. Its mission is to evolve learning by creating tools and techniques using emerging media including Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality. Previously started within UBC Studios, Emerging Media Lab is now a standalone department that serves as a experimentation space for the development of new services and ideas.



Success through collaboration.


Emerging: New, different, on the leading edge. New technologies and groundbreaking educational techniques that are not in common usage yet, but that may become critically important in the future.
Media: Beyond a narrow category of broadcast media towards a more expansive sense of technology as “medium,” encompassing the ways in which we interface with emerging technology.
Lab: Where experimentation goes hand-in-hand with permission to fail. By deriving lessons from risks taken, and making those lessons available, we contribute to the development of community best practices.


Students here at EML continue to adapt with the constantly evolving digital landscape. We wanted to create a space that allowed them to have the freedom to experiment, and that failures during experimentation can become valuable learning experiences.

— Saeed Dyanatkar  



A tremendous success.

To date EML has successfully incubated over 50 different projects many of which are well known and used in advancing the use of Virtual and Augmented reality in the current higher education eco system. Award winning (CUCCIO 2018) and with projects being featured on media outlets, the change that EML is making is becoming apparent with an increasing presence in the digital world today. EML also stresses the importance of its values, collaboration, innovation and change.  
Have an idea? Visit eml.ubc.ca for more information.