Studios and Facilities


Audio Suite

Record clean, crisp audio for your promotional video or animation. Our on-campus studio is equipped with a soundproof voice recording booth and ProTools tracking and mastering software.


Lightboard Studio

Create an engaging presentation for your flipped classroom or conference. Our illuminated lightboard makes it possible to demonstrate and annotate concepts in real time.


The K. Karasin Studio

Shoot videos and photos right on campus. Our 1,200-square-foot studio is equipped with an overhead metal lighting grid, green screens and black curtains, and professional broadcast equipment. Our production studio space is renamed in memory of our dear colleague and friend Kirk Karasin.


DIY Recording Studio

Record your lectures and presentations, including PowerPoint slides, with the touch of a button. Leave with ready-to-use videos on your USB key—no video productions skills required.


3D Capture and Innovation Lab

This studio is used for creating innovative 3D resources and renderings to be used in the classroom – after creation, print these resources out after using our advanced 3D Printer!