In Loving Memory: Kirk Karasin

In memory of Kirk Karasin, our beloved Senior Media Specialist that passed away. He was a kind-heart and warm individual that was integral to the projects happening at UBC Studios and the Emerging Media Lab.
In Loving Memory: Kirk Karasin

Story Posted: May 18th, 2020   



“Kirk was talented. He was smart, warm and caring. He was a mentor, an innovator, our dear friend and he will be greatly missed.”


Kirk Karasin tragically passed away unexpectedly in March of 2020. He was Senior Media Specialist at UBC Studios, overseeing the editorial and innovative technologies being developed. During this time, he was also filling in at the UBC Emerging Media Lab as a supervisor. He was an integral part to the running of the studio and brought passion and laughter wherever he went.

Many of the younger staff members saw him as a mentor, and he was a colleague and friend to everyone on the team.

The main studio at our location will be renamed to the K. Karasin Studio in honour of his dedication and work.
He will be greatly missed and will forever be part of the UBC Studios family, may he rest in peace.