How does the Lightboard work?

Using the Lightboard is like drawing on a traditional whiteboard, except you face your “students” (the camera) and write on an illuminated board of glass in front of you using neon markers.

Light is reflected off the markers, creating a visually appealing “floating-text” concept, and the camera flips the image so the text is readable in your video. This is especially useful when presenting visually-oriented concepts and theories that involve graphics, equations, and diagrams. You can also use graphic overlays or backgrounds to annotate and reference during your presentation.


What you’ll need

Have a script prepared so no time is wasted during the period you have access to the lightroom. If you intend to use special graphics in front or behind you during the video recording , email our staff in advance (at least two business days). Our staff will send you the technical specifications to prepare before your scheduled session. Please take a look in our recommended documents to see how you can plan your next session!


Steps to a Successful Lightboard

1. Prepare notes on what you'll be talking about with each individual slide or "board".
2.Send us all your graphics and digital components a few days in advance.
3. Relax and enjoy the session, sometimes honest mistakes and errors are good in that it reflects what happens in a actual classroom setting.


Why Lightboard?

Lightboard studios is a standalone technology that outputs high-quality media which is ready to be uploaded to online media platforms.The Lightboard is studios is perfect for capturing lectures and sharing them to other students. It differs from other services such as the one-button studios as there is more engagement involved with the creative floating text feel that Lightboard achieves. Live graphics, diagrams and other forms of media like
Creating short informational lecture supplements for lessons that require more explanation and where a visual representation would help illustrate the key concepts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do i book the Lightboard Studio?
A: As the Lightboard requires an operator we will need to book your studio manually by contacting us at to ensure there is an operator available for your session.

Q: Is there a fee for using the Lightboard?
A: The Lightboard is free for content created for undergraduate and graduate courses offered by UBC. Other use cases for external or communication based content will be charged at a per hour fee.

Q: Is there a teleprompter available for notes in the Lightboard Studio?
A: As the glass reflects any screens, we do not have a straight on Teleprompter available. Notes are available to be displayed on the side of the lightboard or on the confidence monitor, which is to the right of the board.

Q: What are the technical specs of the recordings?
A: The recording is a 1080p mp4 file at an approximate 4mbps bitrate.