DIY Audio Station


What is the DIY Audio Station?

The DIY Audio Station is a high quality recording setup perfect for voiceovers, podcasting and more. Updated in 2022, the setup features additional microphones and a modernized setup, allowing users to easily create studio grade recordings, with no prior technical knowledge needed.

What you’ll need

The main item you'll need is a solution of where to store your recordings. Whether this means bringing in a USB drive, or having an online file sharing service available - having a place to store your content (other than on the Audio Recording System) is a must.


DIY Audio Recording Sample:


Why use the DIY Audio Station?

The DIY Audio Station is located in our professional audio recording room, which offers superior acoustic tuning thanks to strategically placed paneling and dampening systems throughout the room. With two industry standard Shure SM7B mics, the sound should be clear and crisp. The simple to use audio mixer, the Rodecaster Pro, allows for easy integration of different forms of audio content, directly from your phone via bluetooth connectivity, the AUX jack, or simply from the system itself. Preset SFX is also available to allow for more dynamic recordings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is allowed to book the space?
A: The space is available for all UBC Faculty, Staff and Students that are recording for UBC purposes, whether this is for a course, or for a department. UBC Students that are booking this space must have a project sponsor that can confirm their booking reason, this can be the instructor for their course or their staff supervisor.

Q: How do i book the DIY Audio Station?
A: Please contact us via the contact us page, or email us directly at

Q: Is there a fee for using the DIY Audio Station?
A: No fee is required for using the DIY Audio Station for UBC purposes. If recording for a non-UBC purpose or a personal project, please book the similar setup at the Ike Barber Learning Centre.

Q: What else can I do at this station?
A: There are a variety of programs installed on this system, popular ones include Audacity, Adobe Audition and Camtasia. Video editing with other programs are not permitted due to technical limitations of the system itself - this system is primarily for audio recording purposes only.

Q: What are the technical specs of the recordings?
A: Users are able to export to whatever format they like - popular ones include MP3 and WAV files.

Q: What are the full specs of the setup?
A: The setup includes dual Shure Sm7B microphones, with boosted audio from a Cloudlifter, then routed into the Rodecaster Pro USB Mixer. The system itself is a Apple M1 Mini with 8GB of ram.