A Treewalk to Remember

A project that proved to be invaluable during times where one could not head out normally as before. A way to virtually experience nature without being there, from the safety of your home. This article explores how this project was made possible by one very passionate employee at UBC Studios.
A Treewalk to Remember

Story Posted: May 26th, 2020



“You don’t get many opportunities to capture things like this, it may never happen again”


The Treewalk Immersive experience is a 360 video project that was captured during the fall of 2019. Shot with a Go Pro Fusion on top of a helmet cam, this project was aiming to be a representation of what walking on the UBC Treewalk might be like. Of course nothing beats the real deal, but in times likes this, the project proved to be a great resource and was featured on many UBC campus newsletters and was even showcased on Forbes in their article titled “You Can Visit Canada‚Äôs Best Parks And Animal Attractions Even In Lockdown”.


You can also find the updated Streetview now live on google maps! Get started at the entrance here.