Updated UBC Google Streetview at over 1.4+ million views

Find out how UBC Studios has been innovating by updating Google Streetview around various places on campus.
Outdated since 2011, the team wanted to make a lasting impact to the university. Special thanks to Building Operations and UBC Security for their support to the project. To learn more about how the project was done
Updated UBC Google Streetview at over 1.4+ million views

Story Posted: January 3rd, 2020



“I had always been pushing for this, I couldn’t believe it when I tried to use Google Streetview and found main mall to be a road… the Nest wasn’t even built yet!”

Kirk Karasin, Senior Media Specialist at UBC Studios, was always looking for ways to improve the UBC experience. It first started when he went on Google Streetview and tried to find where one of the buildings that resided on main mall was. He loaded in and was surprised at the fact that Google Streetview had not updated many main corridors of the UBC Campus since 2011. Exploring more, he found that iconic places such as the Nest, the Piper Plaza Fountain and many others weren’t even there, many under construction. As the Studios had a Insta360 Pro camera in their arsenal, one that was Google Streetview certified, an idea formed that he would update all the streetview on campus – one that would make it easier for visitors as well as new and prospective students coming to campus to become familiar with UBC before it all started. He raised this idea to the Executive Producer at UBC Studios Saeed, who thought this was a great innovative idea that would also showcase the new innovative ways of implementing media – and thus a new project was born.

You can find the updated Streetview now live on google maps! Just navigate to the UBC Point Gray campus and drag/drop the little yellow human on any of the paths on campus.