The One-button Studio offers a simple way to create academic presentations. Free for faculty and staff members of UBC.


How does it work?

At the start of your session, plug your USB drive into the designated spot, then attach your laptop to the projector and turn on the projector. Once your presentation content is loaded behind you, simply press the big button to start recording and press it again to stop.

The video is automatically saved as a file onto your attached USB drive once the recording is done. There is no need to adjust the lighting or sound, as the room is fully setup for optimal recording conditions. Add ons such as a powerpoint presentation or video playing in the background is also a possibility, with the same simple plug and go system.


What you’ll need.

Please bring a USB drive and a laptop with your presentation content (if applicable) to your booking time.


Why One Button Studio?

Like the Lightboard, our One-Button Studio is a standalone technology that outputs high-quality video that is ready to be uploaded and shared on online media platforms. One-button specializes in formalized presentations and announcements, as users are able to show PowerPoint presentations and images during the recording.

The One Button Studio is great for:

  • Creating video presentations and to supplement lectures, reinforcing and emphasizing concepts that are harder to explain.
  • Creating full lectures for the use of distant education, or as a substitute for a lecture if a professor is unable to make a class due to a time-conflict (eg. academic conference).

To book the One-Button Studio, please contact UBC Studios by phone at 604.822.9800 or by email at