The Lightboard Studio offers a new way to create academic presentations. Lightboard and its related studio services (including studio space, video production, and basic editing) are free for educational use by UBC faculty and staff.


How does it work?

Using the Lightboard is like drawing on a traditional whiteboard, except you face your “students” (the camera) and write on an illuminated board of glass in front of you using neon markers. Light is reflected off the markers, creating a visually appealing “floating-text” concept, and the camera flips the image so the text is readable in your video. This is especially useful when presenting visually-oriented concepts and theories that involve graphics, equations, and diagrams. You can also use graphic overlays or backgrounds to annotate and reference during your presentation.

The Lightboard Studio is equipped with proper lights, camera, monitors, microphones, and markers for the board, and support staff to assist you in recording.

As we are a cost recovery unit, please note that free use is only for UBC credit courses – faculty and staff must have a course number associated with their presentation.


What you’ll need.

Have a script prepared so no time is wasted during the period you have access to the lightroom. If you intend to use special graphics in front or behind you during the video recording , email our staff in advance (at least two business days). Our staff will send you the technical specifications to prepare before your scheduled session.


Why Lightboard?

Lightboard studios is a standalone technology that outputs high-quality media which is ready to be uploaded to online media platforms.
Lightboard is good for:

  • Capturing lectures and sharing them to other students. It differs from other services such as the one-button studios as there is more engagement involved with the creative floating text feel that Lightboard achieves.
  • Creating short informational lecture supplements for lessons that require more explanation and where a visual representation would help illustrate the key concepts.


To book the One-Button Studio, please contact UBC Studios by phone at 604.822.9800 or by email at